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Project Description
A WPF based jabber client, capable of replacing the google talk client and various other jabber based clients. The goal of the project is to focus on a simple and well-designed UI on top of an existing Jabber based open source library. WPF will be used to take advantage of it's ability to create a compelling user experience.

You can Chat or Leave a Message about the Project at TaPingYa

The communication will use the agsXMPP SDK from AG Software. The client will build upon this library and provide a unique user experience using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

I am looking for anyone who would like to contribute to this project. Just let me know! Click here to Chat or Leave Message

Connecting to GTalk

In the Settings Dialog

Connect Server :
Server :
Port : 5222
UserName : <your gtalk login without the>
Password : <password to account>

Click "Create New Connection"

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